How to make more money with ehow and bukisa

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You can promote your articles as much as you can, and it’s great.  It will definitely help you, but often times you are creating manmade traffic, if that makes sense.  You are creating traffic that may be only for the moment, depending on how you’re doing it. Most people don’t return to your articles, they learn and move on. It’s not like a blog that with good content they will come back.

Manmade for the moment traffic, would be traffic your creating by ways of emailing all your friends, having them rate and comment, or even twittering your links.  These are great ways to “promote” your articles, but definitely not the greatest ways to build search engine traffic.  You want people to put in search words that go right to your articles.  You want to make sure your article appears higher in the ranks.  Having your friends or followers on twitter visit your articles is not going to help with your search engine optimization.

The best way to ensure you are going to be higher in the ranks is to create back links.  The more backlinks you have, the more people will actually visit your article.  So if you can commit to making 10 backlinks after you write each article, you will be so much happier that you did.  This will help your page rank for your article to go up, as well as appear higher in the search engines.  Of course more than 10 links is GREAT, but don’t burn yourself out.  You want to have the most articles, which will bring you in money.  Quantity, and quality will bring you in money, but a little extra hard work, may help to bring the money in faster.

A great way to build your backlinks is if you have a blog, write a post about it after you write an article. Search on google for blogs in the same topic.  Comment on someone’s blog and leave your link in your signature.  The only problem with that is some people have their comments sent to no-follow, which really won’t help your backlinks. The best place I’ve found to find the “do follow” blog sites is this search engine .  It’s a great place to bookmark and refer back to when you’re searching a place to leave your comments.

There are article databases, like ezine articles, or any of the popular content databases, you can write articles and include the links from your articles.

Another thing some people do is go to Yahoo! Answers and will answer questions but leave the link to their site in their comments. People may get curious and go on the link, but either way it’s a backlink on a site with a high page rank.

I hope after reading this article, you were left with some ideas of what you need to do to make the most money on Bukisa and ehow. Consistency always helps, and the more articles and backlinks you have, the more money you should be making.


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