Where Have All The Flowers Gone

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From time immemorial
How fleshy had been my Mother’s face
in twinkling breezy fragrance
Honeybees giggled in every sunshine
How green was my valley at those times
Frolicking grasshoppers singing lullaby with the butterflies
Caressing my dream in rainbow delight over the sky
And how sweet was my everyday dream leaving the marks of my days and nights
Colours upon colours dancing from flowers to flowers
in rhythmic sways of love and silence, days in and days out
Like a procession of life’s eternal beauty and jay
Like a flight of birds bringing good errands from the yonder wilderness
Where all those birds have gone, where all those flowers gone
As if the ancient rays of wisdom have writhed in withering flicks
Who kissed my Mother’s rosy cheek from God’s spire

Where all those flowers have gone, where all those days gone
When my valleys were green, days were longer than the grey nights
Who loved my valley of green in undulating signs of falling stars
Who charmed my breath and soul in my Mother’s face
in twinkling breezy fragrance days in and days out
Where all those flowers have hidden their faces
in shame and sighs of a selfish giant
in hovering clouds of ensuing darkest seasons
As if the endearing mother has forsaken her world of blessed child
Where has gone my Mother’s twilight delight?

Where all those flowers have gone
Where all those dreams have died in the charming shadows
Flowers were laid strewn in my path to peace and glory
making love in thousand petals with sighs of relief
in moist twilight of drizzling rains from the crying souls
How charming they were in my cherry orchard
How blessings were those days, how brighter those grey nights
always being the truth of beauty and jay for ever
as if the thousand petals have spread their wings over my dreams
How sweet were my dreams at those times
At those times greener was my valley in millions of colours
Flowers blooming and blushing in crowding sunshine
Rivers flowed down my valley of green
Harvest of happiness bloomed in my green pasture
Grazing clouds gathered around the creeping creatures
Voices of colours reborn in thousand flowers
Sounds of tindrum heralding the rise of dawn in my valley
Sweeping sunshine promising the happy return of good harvest
saying all and everything in flowers as ever for ever
colours upon colours worshiping for my Mother’s grace
Where have all those days gone, where all the flowers gone?

When I shook my leg at the hangman’s cry
Mother Gaia’s blessings saved me from grave-digger’s grave
as if to pluck the wonders of the world from the feet of the days and nights
as if to caress the kissing beloved in sighs of happiness
a few drops of rain on smiling dews breaking the womb of the universe
and unborn desires born into the hearts of frolicking flowers
Who flooded over my woes with sage’s voice
Who cared my feelings with the conscience of flowers
If there were no birds to cheer in my tears
if there were no song to sing a lullaby
if there were no flowers to bloom and blush in my days and nights
Who will pluck the wonders of wisdom
who will kiss the feathers of life and death
who will burn the light of eternal fire?

Alas! Those days are out, those nights are no more!
All the flowers have gone to get heaven’s grace for me
All the birds have gone to redeem my dreams
And my dreams remain no more, alas!

Oh, my dear, where have all the flowers gone?
Where have they withered in shame sighs?
Where have they died last time in my cherry orchard?
My Mother knows it all, knows it all
from time immemorial.


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