How to Use Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is pronounce Fung Shway and in English it translates as wind and water. This art has been practiced in China for over 7,000 years. It is an ancient Chinese System of Aesthetics and many individuals believe that it utilizes the laws of astronomy and geography in order to improve the life by receiving nothing but the positive.  If you are looking on tips to decorating your home or office, then we believe you should use the feng shui .

When you are using feng shui, you will need to understand the cycles of change. For instance, when you move furniture to another location, you will not only be changing the appearance of the room, but you will also be causing the flow of energy in the room to shift.

When you are experimenting with feng shui, you should always stay alert.

The room has a flow of energy, you should be aware of that flow of energy. The doors and windows are portals to this energy as are the ceiling and objects that are places over the head.

When looking at the placement of the furniture in your home or office, you need to observe it because it can effect the flow of energy that goes throughout the building. You can influence the flow of energy in different directions and different speeds. Objects you place in the path of energy can block the flow and allow it to gently flow into the room.

You should learn about the energies. There are five types of energies. Fire, earth, water, metal and wood are the five energies. Each one is associated with different colors, tastes and smells.

Take note of the effects certain colors have on your mood.

You should take into consideration the five animals and how they effect your area. The five animals are Dragon, the tortoise, the phoenix, the tiger and the snake. Each one of the animals has its own set of characteristics that have a big influence on the harmonies in our lives.

You should take the time to gain a full understanding of the philosophy that is behind yin and yang. Keep in mind that everything is part of some other thing.


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