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How to Soothe Symptoms of the Common Cold

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Nearly everyone gets a common cold a couple times a year, it is cold season and I have noticed individuals with a lot of colds around. A cold is known as an infection that is in the upper respiratory tract. The cold is caused by any of the 200 viruses. Normally, the common cold will begin to clear up in about a weak, but during that week, you will have pains in your throat and a nose that just won’t stop running away from you. Below, I have included some tips that I believe will sooth your symptoms of the common cold.

First you will need to confirm that you have a cold and not something that is serious. Normally, when you have a cold – you will have a stuffed or runny nose, congestion, slight fever, coughing, sneezing and eyes that are watery.

If a fever gets 102 degrees F or higher, then you will need to go to the doctor. Also, if you experience chills or sweating, achy and you have the same symptoms for more than 10 days or they start to worsen, then you will need to seek medical attention.

Take the day off in order to give yourself time to get better. During this time, drink extra fluids and drink water or orange juice.

Take acetaminophen or some other mild pain reliever. This will calm the sore throat, lessen that headache and reduce your fever. Keep in mind that acetaminophen can damage your liver, so don’t take it too frequently and only do the recommended dose.

Purchase some saline nasal drops that you can get over the counter in order to give your stuffy nose some relief and get rid of the congestion.

Many doctors don’t recommend cough syrup because they don’t give much relief and don’t really treat the underlying causes of that cough you have. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t give adult cough syrup to children.

Think about trying some of the medicine alternatives. This involves Echinacea, zinc, Vitamin C and don’t forget the Chicken soup. The salt and heat from the Chicken soup will help your body fight that infection you have.

You may also want to try gargling with some warm lemon water that has honey in it. This will help to get rid of that coughing and help with the sore throat you have.

Adopt some better health care habits in your life. You should wash your hands with lots of soap throughout the day. Don’t wipe your nose with your sleeve or hand, you should use tissues. Stay away from other individuals who have colds. When someone in you house has the cold, make sure you clean the countertops and other places more than you usually do.

If you have yellow or green nasal discharge, then this could be a sign of sinusitis.

Keep in mind that the common cold has no cure, all you can do is relieve it.

To treat a common cold, you do not need to use antibiotics.


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