The red ring of death on the X box 360 and what advise we give.

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X box 360 red ring of death.

If you have been a victim of the Red Ring of Death then you should throw out your system. The RROD is the board over heating because of the x clamps. The first series of x box 360 models had problems with overheating of the board and leavening you with the red lights on the on button. The best way to fixing this is to go to a place that repairs the x box 360 for a cheap price. There are many ways to fixing the problem to the x box 360 and the tutorials are easy to find on the internet. When you go to try to repair your system outside of sending to Microsoft you void the warranty. That why the repairing stores make their 90 day warranties or year. Always get the warranty in case the overheating happen again. When you look for a place to repair your RROD problem make sure you pick someone that knows how to do the procedure. if you don’t feel safe with other people repairing your system then you should just send it to Microsoft, but you will pay more or have long waiting times. That’s all up to you. The Next advise i give you is if you don’t have the money to fix it, then did it yourself. Xbox 360 repair for the RROD is easy. There are many ways to doing the procedure, so pick the right one. When you have the RROD you should never throw it away and buy another one. Do your best to get it fixed 🙂

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