Change the Transmission Fluid in a Mustang

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Many individuals do not realize that their Ford Mustangs transmission fluid needs to be changed. You can maximize the effectiveness and durability of the cars transmission when you change the transmission fluid. When you change your cars transmission fluid all depends on how much you drive your Mustang. If you are driving the Mustang under bad conditions, then you should change the transmission fluid every ninety thousand miles.

You Will Need:

Ramps or Jacks

Torque Wrench

Socket Wrench

Drain pan

Find some jacks or ramps so that you can raise your car up. Make sure your car is supported on stands and put a big drain pan under the torque converter.

Look at your cars transmission and remove the cover plate. You will need to turn the converter until you come into contact with the drain plug. The transmission will have a rubber access, you will need to remove that. Get a socket wrench and remove the drain plug. At this point, you will need to wait for the transmission fluid to drain. When the transmission fluid has drained you will need to put the drain plug back along with the access plug and don’t forget the cover plate.

Get the drain pan and put it under the transmission pan. Look for the pan retaining bolts and losen them until they are about to be removed. When you do this, you will find fluid draining over the pain. If the fluid does not start to drain, then you should tap on the pan slightly. This is so that you can break the gasket seal.

At the next step, you will be removing the retaining bolts, but leave one retaining bolt on each corner. While you are removing the bolts that are remaining, make sure you hold the pan with your extra hand. Next, you will need to drain the rest of the fluid that is left into the pan.

Find a scraping tool so that you can clean the old gasket. When you clean the old gasket, discard it properly. Make sure you clean the magnet and transmission pan with the right type of solvents, allow them to properly dry. Please note: you should not use a cloth to dry these. This is because when you use a cloth to dry these, lint could end up getting into the transmission and damaging it.

When you look at the filter of the transmission you will see bolts. These are called mounting bolts. You will need to find the proper tool and remove these mounting bolts. Makes sure you take off the seals or the gaskets. In many cases, you are going to find a rectangle shaped gasket along with a round seal.

Get the new filter assembly and install it. This is including the gasket and seal, then put the bolts back. Put the new gasket you have onto the oil pan, then reinstall that pan onto the transmission. Make sure you tighten up the bolts with a torque wrench.

Remove the Jacks or Ramp and put the Mustang back on the ground.

Don’t forget to put new transmission fluid into the transmission.


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