Artistic Temper: A Writer’s Pillar

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For a writer, it is very difficult for them to start one’s literary piece. The first words are the hardest parts to write. Sometimes, it would even take them an hour or two to finally start their writing. Have you ever wondered why is that so?

In the world of the Arts, they have this so called Artistic Temper. One may say it is anger or tantrum. Some might even say it is no different from annoyance. But the term Artistic Temper does not necessarily mean any of those said.

Artistic Temper is an emotional condition which is considered as the outburst of an artist’s creativity which inspires him to be able to accomplish a masterpiece. This is usually observed in writers, most especially among those neophytes who always dream to someday be a writer. Have you ever noticed that when the wee hours of the night start to envelop the city, you suddenly have this urge to write? But then there are also times that no matter how much you want to write, you feel like the cursor in the monitor is annoying you, mocking you in the times you cannot even type a single word.

Writers cannot write at an instant. Most writers cannot write the literary piece that they really want to achieve unless he is in the mood or he has, as we have said, the artistic temper going in his whole system. It greatly affects the whole piece the writer made. Usually, a writer’s work reflects the mood he was in when he wrote his writing. It mirrors the writer’s emotions, which is brought up by Artistic Temper.

One good example is the saying that your creativity only comes to you during wee hours of the night, probably around past midnight or so. Well, actually, it is a good thing for the writer’s part. You see, once silence takes over, he can fall deep in serenity and he will be able to think more clearly than in a very noisy surrounding. It really makes us in the mood to write and write and write. And it really is something. It is true.


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