Online Income Without A Website

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T IS A COMMON IMPRESSION that websites are necessities needed to earn an income online. This makes sense because websites are the foundations of the Internet and are portals in which information is published and products or services are sold. However, it is not necessary to own a website to make money online. There are many other services in which anyone can leverage upon to earn an online income. Here are top 7 methods to make money online without having your own website.

METHOD 1: Article Writing

This is very popular way of earning an income online. In various websites or webazines, writers are invited for a fee to publish articles. Writers can also participate in revenue-sharing websites like Helium,
Triond and Hubpages to earn a side income. Article writing is usually used for affiliate marketing.

METHOD 2: Affiliate Marketing

By signing up as an affiliate to sell certain products, you can earn commissions when your referral makes a purchase. Affiliate marketing is usually done by article marketing, word-of-mouth, emails or PPC traffic. A website is not necessary as the crux is driving traffic through the affiliate links.

METHOD 3: PPC marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing centers on using advertising strategies. Commissions are earned when the traffic driven to the products get converted. This is a highly competitive and fluid field but it can be extremely profitable and rewarding if mastered well. PPC can be done via advertising aggregators like Google Adwords, Bidvertiser and AdBrite.

METHOD 4: Blogging

Most would categorize a blog as a website but you do not have to buy your own domain if you do not see the need to. Free platforms like Blogger and WordPress can allow you to do affiliate marketing as well as earning from advertising revenue.

METHOD 5: Domains

Flipping domain names are like selling real estate, except that this is in the virtual realm. Domain names come cheap and once in a while, you can stumble upon a gold mine if your purchased domain is very similar to a website that has become very popular very suddenly. You can earn money from domains by parking them and earning advertising revenue or you can sell them at the higher price at a later stage. Domains can be purchased in bulk from registrars like

METHOD 6: Freelancing

Freelancing is on the uptrend due to a global movement in contract working. Better and cheaper telecommunications contribute to this rise. You can register yourself as a freelancer, in places like Elance or GoFreeLance , and perform certain assignments online to earn some money.

METHOD 7: Get-Paid-To Programs

There is huge range of get-paid-to programs in which you can register yourself for. Usually these programs have low payout rates and the key to earn substantial amounts from them is to have huge downlines. Hence a recruitment strategy ought to be in place. Here are some of the more popular get-paid-to programs for anyone to explore.

  1. Read Emails – EmailCashPro , DonkeyMails
  2. Take Surveys – SurveyScout
  3. Click/Surf – EasyHits4U
  4. Use Search Engines – MySearchFunds
  5. Install – GomezPeer
  6. Forum Participation – MyLot
  7. Paid to Post Content – Bukisa

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