Blogging as a Full Time Career

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THE ADVENT of the Internet has ushered in a new era of entrepreneurship and the pursuance of new careers. Blogging has been seen in the past as a hobby or a pastime, something that exists within a private space. Now it has gone mainstream as a tool for business and a platform to generate income.

Blogging as a full-time career is possible due to the development of advanced features, increased interactivity and the evolution of a new culture. Blogs such as MoneyNing and PassiveLifeIncome has become a staple for people’s information diet in niche areas. If you are able to provide such expertise, blogging as a career can certainly be very real for anyone.

There are THREE main ways in which blogs earn an income from.

1) Advertising

By selling advertising space on blogs or putting up advertisements offered by advertising aggregators like Adbrite or Bidvertizer , you can earn a decent income if your blog has high traffic volume.

2) Affiliate Marketing

By writing on your niche area, it is possible to promote relevant products that gives additional information or provide a service from your niche. For example, if your blog is about gardening, you could be an affiliate selling lawn mowers or books on plants for particular agency. You can earn commissions for doing so.

3) Selling a Service/Product

If you are an expert in your area and have products to sell, you could sell them directly from your blog. Informational products and software work best as they incur the lowest overhead cost. If not, a service like a membership site or a coaching course can be given for a fee.


Given the three main ways to earn an income, there are some factors any blogger ought to pay attention to in building your blogging career. Like any career, blogging needs a strategy, good planning and dedicated efforts to make it grow. Here are some considerations one ought to take note as a professional blogger.


To be a professional blogger, your blog cannot be so widely spread out in terms of variety of content that it does not draw adherents. It is important to choose a niche, be it earning income online or iguana pet care.


After choosing a niche, you must gain trust and build your reputation around it. This is so that you have a target audience who follows you consistently. Over time, you would be recognized as an expert in your field.


Whilst content is king, a professional blogger always keeps abreast with the latest internet technology and features. Search Engine Optimisation techniques and knowledge of traffic generation is important as page views are the life blood of any blog.


Most of all, no blogger is an island. It is important to embed yourself in an Internet community especially one that revolves around your niche. Leverage on relationships to grow the niche or build reputation between each other by visiting each others’ blogs and recommending others. Like any other career, sometimes it’s the relationships that matter more than your individual capability


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