Revenue Sharing Websites for Aspiring Writers

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REVENUE SHARING for writers is essentially powered by advertising that goes alongside with the articles put up. Helium is an excellent example of how revenue sharing works – having a pool of writers contribute quality content to the website and having consistently high traffic to generate advertising revenue.

However, revenue sharing websites do not have to be limited to websites like Helium , Triond or Associated Content . Many blogs function as revenue sharing sites. As compared, these websites or blogs have significantly smaller pool of writers, hence giving each writer a larger earning potential. Websites like have even reached an income of over 1 million a year.

Whilst owning a writing site by yourself would let you have the whole piece of the pie, there are deep motivations in which why so many writers still opt to write for revenue-sharing websites. Here are 7 main reasons why:

REASON 1: Readily Available Platform

For beginners, setting up their own writing website might be a daunting task, so much so that in the process of doing so, it might just kill their interest in writing. Writing on an already established website lets beginners concentrate on just writing.

REASON 2: Higher Traffic

Given the billions of websites online, it is almost always better to write for revenue-sharing site that has a steady amount of high traffic to view your articles. In that way, less focus is centered on driving traffic than writing itself. And earning starts immediately.

REASON 3: Diverse Topics

For niche blogsites, you might be restricted to only a certain area in which you can write on. For revenue-sharing sites, writers usually get to be able to explore various topics to contribute to. This is excellent for beginners who are starting out to develop their niche areas.

REASON 4: Learning the Ropes

As in Reason 3, a revenue-sharing site like Helium usually enables you to embark on a learn-you-write journey. By collaboration and writing with others, you get to hone your writing skills as exemplified by Helium’s rating system.

REASON 5: Building Reputation

As a budding writer, it is important to build a writing portfolio. A good writing portfolio centered on a specific niche or spanning a few specialized topics will attract assignments or create a brand-name from which you might want to launch your writing website in the future. Writing on such revenue-sharing sites allow you to slowing build up this reputation in the writing community.

REASON 6: Having a Community

Writing can be an awfully lonely career. By writing for in a community-based revenue-sharing site, you get to mix around with like-minded people, improve on your writing capability and networking to get higher profile assignments. A community is important for support and encouragement.

REASON 7: Outsourcing Maintenance and Reducing Risk

Writing for a revenue-sharing websites effectively outsource the maintenance of the website to others whilst allowing you to exclusively focus on writing. To reduce risk of having all your eggs in one baskets, you can even write for several revenue-sharing sites and often, posting the same articles for greater exposure and revenue generation.

The following are some tried-and-tested revenue sharing sites for writers for your reference:


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