Fruit Smoothies: Try this healthy treat!

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All you need is a blender and fresh fruits!

This fruit smoothie normally turns out to be a green color, making it perfect for Saint Patty’s Day; but it tastes just as good on any day!

Here’s a delicious, healthy fruit smoothie you can whip up in no time using your blender. Obviously, this recipe is open for alterations to your particular tastes; don’t be afraid to experiment!

Preparation and main ingredients:
-Put about 1/2 cup of cold water in clean blender container.
Wash thoroughly, “de-seed” and cut into chunks or slices, the following: Note: To save time, try cutting these up right into the blender container.
-One small apple; type of apple optional.
-One small pear; type of pear optional.
-One-half small mango; remove skin first.
-One-quarter small papaya; remove skin first.
-One-half kiwi fruit; just remove skin-seeds stay!
-Twelve seedless green grapes.
-One banana; peeled and sliced.
-One-half cup of 1% milk
-Two or three drops of mint, spearmint or peppermint flavoring.

Optional ingredients:
-Three baby carrots; sliced.
-One-half teaspoon of honey.
-One-quarter teaspoon of maple syrup.
-One-eighth teaspoon of lemon juice.

This mixture should ‘naturally’ yield a “green” smoothie…however, if you prefer a different shade of green, feel free to experiment with “things green”, like celery, spinach, mint leaves, etc. Or, if you want, you can use a few drops of green food coloring.

Blending the brew:
-The blender container should be at least 3/4 full with the fruit and liquids from above. If it’s not, add more of your choice; fruit or liquid; to bring it to that level. Note that the less liquid you use, the thicker the smoothie, so tweak accordingly.
-Start by using one of the slower speeds, to chop up the chunks of fruit.
-As the mixture begins to liquefy, increase the blender speed; ultimately to the highest speed.
-Let the blender run at high speed for at least one minute.


-This smoothie may be served as-is, or diluted to a thinner consistency with several types of liquid, including water, milk or fruit juice.
-This smoothie may be served at room temperature or chilled.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be creative! Try other ingredients!
  • Follow manufacturers’ instructions for safe use and handling of equipment, tools and products.

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