Waiting Once Again

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Hi everybody, this ia a poem that I wrote that came straight from my heart. When I wrote this poem I really tryed to put alot of my emotions in it. I try to make it so filled with my emotions that the person reading my poem can almost feel the way i felt. I hope you like it and please leave a comment or somthing so I can see what people really think of my poems, see if they are actualy good or not. Well thats all I hope you enjoy reading my poem.

I’m laying in the dark as my memories turn to tears,
today something happened that ended up being my biggest fear,
I tried my best to keep us together,
I tried telling you everything that I could.
Now I’m waiting, waiting all alone,
hoping that some day you’d love me too,
now I’m waiting, waiting all alone,
just praying that some day I’ll be with you.
The memories of her still haunts me when I’m alone,
the memories of all the times we spent alone,
the way I use to hold her close,
close enough to hear her breath,
but now its over,
I can not breath.
Now I’m waiting, waiting all alone,
with tears running down my face,
Now I’m waiting, waiting all alone,
just thinking of her beautiful face.
I thought she knew, my love was true,
I thought she felt, my care was true,
I thought she did live me too,
I really thought it was all true.


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