Addressing Global Warming Problem

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Addressing the global warming problem requires the formulation of new policies.

First policy should be geared towards information drive. This massive information drive should educate the public on the hazardous effects of global warming.  Information drive should be at the top of  list because this is where  policymakers can lay the groundwork for my policies and programs. It is hard to enlist the people’s cooperation if they do not know that they are getting into.  So information is the key.

To do this, start with the kids in school.  It would be a good idea to add global warming in the science curriculum. The students are our future. It is imperative that they know what kind of future is awaiting them if we cannot put a stop to global warming.  If we start training them young, the habits that they acquire later could help curb the negative effects of global warming.

Another effective way to create global warming awareness is by the soliciting the aid of celebrities. In this celebrity-crazed world, I think people would pay more attention if famous celebrities would support information drive or will provide information on global warming themselves.  Television campaigns would be the most prominent medium I will use in getting my message across people of all races.

Religious institutions would also be effective in facilitating the information drive. Religious leaders have the power to influence a lot of devotees. Their word could spell the difference between success and failure.

With the success of the information drive on the harmful effects of global warming the next step would be easier to implement.

Second, minimize emissions of greenhouse gases.  Episcopal churches in California provide a vivid example of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming, by using renewable energy in its stead. To do this,  projects that explore alternative and renewable sources of energy such as solar, biomass, landfill gas and others should be subsidized.  Then actual implementation of these programs should follow.   Electricity providers should slowly make the shift from fossil fuels to these more environment-friendly resources. Of course, with the use of renewable energy, the use of electric or hybrid automobiles by most people would not be farfetched. 

The third policy would involve making the shift to electric or hybrid cars. This is probably the most challenging policy ever because this would affect every nation in the world but it is important to take it one step at a time.  Providing tax incentives for people who buy and use electric or hybrid cars would be a good start.  Manufacturers of electric or hybrid cars will also enjoy tax incentives or exemptions to encourage them.

The key to solving the problem is not tackling it in one huge lump but by breaking the huge problem into small, manageable pieces.  Global warming is not insurmountable.  It is not impossible to tackle. The thing is, it just takes longer to solve. We didn’t get here overnight though so we should expect it to be a slow, painstaking process that requires all of our cooperation.


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