World Unrest: Can we resolve it?

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Fixing the world’s problems cannot be done without pure love.

We all know it’s true. We’ve all heard it a million times before. We’ve all probably spoken it ourselves. Yet, somehow, we all fall short of it. If we really want to fix the world’s problems, we KNOW what the answer is; and it is a simple answer, we know that too!

Did I say simple?

Hmmm; I think I meant to say simply impossible. But wait; why should it be impossible? The glass IS half-full, not half-empty. The Universe IS on our side, and the forces at work we know little or nothing about are too.

What forces?

Well, I must say I can’t invent names for something I barely can comprehend, but let me just say that I believe the existence, perpetuation, and balancing of all things is accomplished through pure Love. But not the kind of love we feel for our family or friends. Rather, the kind of Love we (should) feel for our enemies and foes.

What’s that I said?

“Enemies and foes”? Love for enemies and foes? Can it be? Isn’t that a complete oxymoron?

Ahh, but just as Jesus Christ taught, it is that kind of Love that will bring about harmony and unity between all.

Right! So, what’s it mean to me?

To me, it means I need to learn how to forgive. Not only the little things, but the things I’d otherwise want to put out someone’s lights for.

I also need to learn to go out of my way to help others more, even if it means a bit more sacrifice on my part.

I also need to be more aware of and in tune with my Creator and His overall purpose for my being; and have a better understanding of how I might be of some positive influence in a negative world.

And what’s it mean to you?

That depends on you. We all know “it starts with me”, and we all know the true answers, don’t we? I Guess it’s a no-brainer, really, except even those with the most fantastic brains seem to often reject the idea.

God Bless us all!

Tips & Warnings

* We DO know the answers.

* We DO know the truth.

* We DO know the simple solution.

* We DO know there’s no other way.

* Pure Love has no need for warnings.


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