Online Dating – Can It Work For You?

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Online dating is by no means something new – it’s been around since the early 2000’s – but it has certainly evolved and people have gotten smarter about it. Well, some people have gotten smarter about it. Have you?

I think for those of us that have been single at some point since 2000 online dating has been something we’ve at least tried – even if we haven’t been successful. I met my husband online so it does work for some people. But if you’re going to date online there are things that you should consider.

Be aware that while you might be able to get to know someone in a way that you often don’t get to in real life (people will often reveal things about themselves online that they wouldn’t reveal in person) you don’t get to see them in social situations. The social aspect of dating can be very important because you get to see how a person reacts to other people, situations, and realities. By the time you meet up with the person you’ve been chatting with you may have developed an attachment and overlook things that you normally wouldn’t accept when you do get out into the real world with them.

Be cautious of people that want your email, phone number or pictures right away. They likely aren’t there just for dating. If they are very insistent on getting personal information right away, then you might want to reconsider continuing an online relationship with them. Unless, of course you are online just to hook up. And that brings about an entirely different set of warnings that is for a different post.

Know that some people are not there for dating at all but are there to scam people. If anyone brings up a “business opportunity” or “a little loan” – run for the hills! These people are out there and yes, they do get people when they are expecting it. Even if you have been chatting with them for awhile and have started to trust them, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a scammer.

Finally, trust your instincts. But don’t trust your heart. Especially if you have been looking for Mr. or Ms. Right for quite a long time it can be easy to put aside your instincts and really want to believe that “this is it!” Pay attention, look at the little things, and if they seem off to you, then listen to what your gut tells you.


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