Reign Over Me – Movie Review

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I’m a huge fan of Adam Sandler and when I saw the commercials for Reign Over Me I was half excited and half hesitant. Adam Sandler is a great comedian and I love him when he is funny. But the one movie I watched where he was serious (Punch Drunk Love) bored me to tears and left me wondering what it was supposed to be all about! So, I put off seeing this movie for a long time. But my husband bought it and then I had to watch it.

Well, I’m glad that I did. Adam Sandler’s performance in Reign Over Me was his best yet. He plays the part of Charlie Fineman, a man whose family has died in a plane crash. He literally can’t live his other life any more so he just stops. He drops out of his dental career and does whatever he has to do to not think about the fact that he doesn’t have a family anymore. Enter his friend Alan Johnson (played by Don Cheadle). He was Charlie’s college roommate and didn’t know him when he was married to his late wife or when Charlie had kids. Charlie feels comfortable with him in a way that he hasn’t felt comfortable with anyone since the plane crash. Charlie is able to connect with Alan. Alan and Charlie’s relationship grows to the point that Charlie is able to cross some boundaries that he had put in front of himself.

Both Cheadle and Sandler give great performances and the movie touched me. I loved the majority of the movie except the ending. I won’t tell you what the ending was – because that would just be mean! – but it was one of those endings where it seemed like it might have been good but you just don’t know for sure. But despite the fact that I hate endings like that I’d still give this movie a solid 8 our of 10.


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