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Writing at has one of the best earning possibilities in the web today. You get passive income for your contents but the more you write the more that income could get! Here are some tips on how to earn and maximize your income from ehow!

Register an account with ehow by going to the main page at After registering enroll your account for the Writers Compensation Program (WCP) which allows you to earn royalties for your articles!

Start writing immediately! It may not seem like much of an earning machine at first but gradually as you write more articles you will notice that your earnings start to increase as well.

Include images and videos in your article as this attracts vast majority of viewers! The more professional looking your article is the more visitors you will have.

Click on the ads placed all over your page once in a while! By doing this you earn something while increasing your income a bit also.

Never stop writing. Set a goal for yourself to write as much as you can. A good starting point is to write at least two well written articles a day then go from there. In a month you’d have 60 articles and in a year you’d have over 600 articles! that amounts to US$1000 worth of monthly income if you can do that!

Be mutual with your ehow community! View articles, comment on well-written articles you find interesting and leave comments when possible. This earns you respect within ehow and will gain considerable friends along the way!

Promote your articles! Use social networking sites to do this! Craigslist, stumbleupon, etc., Submit your article to increase viewership!


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