Playing Super Six

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Super six is a casino game slowly gaining popularity across the world! It has very different mechanism than poker or any other card game. Here are the rules and the winning hands!

Playing with a deck of cards and some friends, here are the rules for a game of super six!

Two player game with a banker vs. player mode. No difference between the two spots really just the position you play in. Player always goes first.

Each person gets two cards initially. The best possible card you could get is to have a combination that comes up to 9. Lets say you got a 5 and a 4 then 95 percent of the time you’ll win.

Decks with values of 10, jacks, queens and kings are valued zero While an ace is valued 1.

After the initial two cards, if none gets any card higher than 7 then the “player” gets another card. If he nails an eight or a nine total then he wins the game. If he decreases or stays his value with a zero then the “banker gets a third card.

Player with the highest amount to nine after each deal wins the round. There are no mandatory number of rounds until all the cards are dealt.

If a player or a banker hits any two card combination with a total of six and it stays to win the pot! You get super six and in casinos if you placed a side bet for that you’d multiply your money by 12x. Another side bet going is to draw. If both the banker and the player has the same resultant cards, a draw will be called and if you placed a bet on it you’d get 8x your bet.


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