How to Have Smart Goal Setting Skills for New Years Resolutions

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Does every year begin with the same problem? With good intentions, you create a list of goals for the new year: lose weight, pay off your debt, kick the smoking habit, spend more time with your family… But by February, you have forgotten what goals you set and are nowhere near accomplishing them. Fear not! Research from McGill University has provided excellent tips for achieving your goals.

First comes the most important step: Make sure your goals matter to you. It is very important to do something that fits with your interests and values. The result? A willingness to exert more effort, reduced conflict, and a greater sense of readiness to change.

While picking a goal based on others’ opinions isn’t very productive, social support can be useful. People who encourage you to pursue the goals that you want to accomplish can be helpful, especially if your goals are in the areas of health and self-improvement. A doctor can support you as you quit smoking or a therapist can assist you in becoming a happier person.

Plan when, where and how to achieve your goal. Are you gong do pilates in the mornings or in the evenings? If you are cutting calories, will you focus on doing so at home or when you’re eating out? Will you make your life greener by walking to work or by recycling your newspapers – or both?

Enjoy the process! Making the changes in your life can be as or more rewarding than the end result. Pick goals that allow you to have fun and fulfillment along the way!


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