How to Know The Meaning of Rose Colors

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Do you want to know the significance of colored roses? The meaning of different colored roses goes way back into history, so don’t send the wrong message the next time you get roses for someone special!

Red roses are the ultimate “I love you” flower. It is the rose of lovers and symbolizes beauty and perfection. It conveys passion and expresses deep feelings.

Pink roses are more gentle than red ones. They symbolize grace, elegance and refinement. They can also mean joy and appreciation. Give your lover a pink rose to express admiration!

White roses convey innocence and purity. They are often used to show new beginnings, like marriages. It can have an otherworldly feel and might also express honor and loyalty. Sometimes a white rose can be used to symbolize remembrance.

Yellow roses are the rose of true friendship and joy. In Victorian times, however, it symbolized jealousy. It is warm and can be given to show appreciation without having romantic connotations.

Orange roses convey passion and desire. Their bright color shows excitement. They are a cross between the yellow rose of friendship and the red rose of love. In addition, giving an orange rose can say, “I am proud of you.”

Purple roses display enchantment. They symbolize love at first sight. The color purple also has a connotation of royalty, which many transfer over to the rose. It can be given as an alternative to the red rose to express love, particularly a pure love.

Blue roses symbolize unattainable love, but there is still an undertone of hope. This hope can be for miracles, new possibilities, and winning someone’s heart. It has long been an object of fascination and can be a very unique floral gift, as blue roses do not occurr naturally. It’s bound to be impressive!


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