How to Plan an Engagement Party

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He went down on one knee, or maybe she beat him to it – and now it’s time to celebrate with an engagement party! While it is traditionally the duty of the bride’s parents, anyone near and dear (including the couple) can host the engagement party. No matter where the responsibility falls, make sure your engagement party ideas get put together into the celebration of a lifetime!

Step 1: While all of the limitless possibilities might come to mind first, it is essential to know your budget before any decisions are made. This will influence everything from when the party is to how the guests are invited. Once the budget is set, a general framework can be put together.

Step 2: Make a list of everything you plan to include in your party and rank it in order of importance. Does inviting great-aunt Suzie and elementary school friends beat getting expensive champagne? It’s all a matter of preference. The happy couple should be involved in these decisions, no matter who is hosting the party – after all, they are the ones being celebrated!

Step 3: Start with the most important element and plan the rest accordingly. If you are using the restaurant where they went on their first date, find out when it is available and the number of guests it can accommodate. Then choose when to have it and who to invite. Alternately, if inviting anyone and everyone is the priority, make a guest list before choosing a venue. Then send out engagement party invitations.

Step 4: Account for major expenses, like location, food and entertainment, before planning details like party favors and napkins. Then keep an eye out for good deals and opportunities to buy in bulk. Order anything that needs to be custom made well ahead of time so you can replace it if a mistake is made. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate responsibilities! This will save a lot of time and stress.

Step 5: Run through the entire event mentally beforehand. Think about everything that will happen and make sure that you have everything you need. Is there a spoon for the punch bowl and an extension cord for the DJ? Have someone go through the party with you so that they can catch anything you may have missed.

When the guests arrives, let go of the stress. Forget about whether or not you got enough ice and just enjoy yourself! The guests will be too busy congratulating the couple and catching up with each other notice minor slip-ups. The joy of the occasion is the real celebration


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