How to Tune in to and Enjoy Nature When You Live in The City

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When car honks and cell phone towers outnumber trickling streams and flowering trees, it can be hard to find ways to appreciate nature. But city dwellers, do not despair! There are simple ways to enjoy and tune in to nature no matter how much smog surrounds you.

Step 1: Take advantage of parks. Go for walks, lay in the grass, study the plants. You can even climb trees! Make a goal to go to either a park or another nature related place at least once a week.

Step 2 : Pay attention to the weather. You don’t have to leave the city to experience sun, rain, snow, storms, lightning, fog, clouds, and so much more! Nonjudgementally observe what the weather is like and ponder how beautiful it is in its own way.

Step 3 : Don’t ignore the animals. Notice the birds. Study a bug. Pay attention to people’s pets. If there is a zoo nearby, visit it! If not, you can always take a trip to the pet store. Observe how each creature moves, behaves, looks and sounds different from each other species.

Step 4: Include natural elements in your interior design and home decor. Wooden furniture can include fascinating patterns that can be studied. Grow plants and have pictures of natural scenes you enjoy. Little accents like pine cones and rocks can give your space a more earthy feel.

Step 5 : Listen! While all you hear when you step outdoors might be hustle and bustle, you can always control the indoor. When at home, listen to recordings of nature sounds. Have a little rock fountain that produces a soft trickling sound.

Step 6: Prepare your own meals. Pay attention to your ingredients, especially the ones that come from plants. Smell them and look at how intricately they are made. Then savor the flavors. See if you can taste the environment they were grown in (if not, imagine it). Cooking organic or raw can accentuate the experience.

Step 7: Watch nature documentaries. Planet Earth is, of course, gorgeous. But there are plenty of shows that showcase the beautiful world we live in! There’s probably always one on if you flip through your channels. You can also rent or buy movies on specific topics that you want to learn more about.

Step 8: When given the opportunity, take trips out of the city and into the wild. Pay special attention to the things you can’t see where you live, like rock formations and plants you don’t normally see.

Step 9: Be observant. There is such an amazing beauty in anything natural and there are things that just can’t be replicated. Pay attention at all times: the flame when you light your cigarette and the smell of a floral scented candle both provide opportunities to reflect on the beauty of the world. The more attention you give to details, the more fascinated you will be.


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