Underage Abortions Need Parental Consent?

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Teens are out having intercourse, and becoming pregnant.  So let’s sit back and watch them raise these rugrats and not be the true parent these kids need.  Give me a break.  Let’s just continue to have these teen parents clog up the welfare office and let us taxpayers pay for them.  Then cry when they end up killing their kids, or neglecting them.  We’ve all heard the news of these teen parents.

If these kids are old enough to have intercourse and their parents have NOT taught them to use birth control or have not provided it to them, then they are old enough to sign the paper to rid these pregnancies.  Why should the parents have to consent? Yeah they already should know what their children are doing, but obviously they don’t.

I think if teens can sign their own consents there will be a lot less newborns in the garbages.  There will also be a lot less suicides amongst teenagers.  We all wonder what the world is coming to, but we all seem to condone the behavior.  Sure we don’t condone getting rid of a fetus that won’t be properly loved or cared for.  I know I will get tons of comments about how these fetus’s can be adopted, but think about it this way.  They haven’t been adopted out.  They’ve been taken home like a puppy.. and once these teen mommies get bored those babies are killed, neglected, or tormented.  That’s what isn’t fair

Come on America, let’s wake up!  Why must we tippy toe around the issues that these kids who are too scared to seek parental signatures to get the abortions early on.  Why can’t we wake up and truly think why America is the way it is.  Check out Casey Anthony.  Teen mom who wanted to party and enjoy life.  Who made her give birth to Caylee? So give this innocent child a life, and then take it away.  I say take it away before it’s a life.

Oh no… When did it become a life.  Conception? Heartbeat? Or what? They never lived life outside the womb.  Do they really know what life is? Let the kids get rid of it before we are the ones paying to support them.


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