Cut 100 Calories per Day

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One hundred calories may not seem like much, but over the period of one year, you can lose 10-12 pounds by simply making very small changes in your diet and exercise. Here are 15 ways to cut out some calories.

  • Get a pedometer and track your steps. Add an extra 2000 or more every day.

  • Add 10 minutes of intense aerobic exercise everyday to your workout.

  • Walk on short errands like the mailbox, or a friends house.

  • Do not eat fat on any meats. Buy skinless, or skin it yourself.

  • Bake with applesauce instead of oil. It can replace oil up to half in most recipes.

  • Use cheese that is reduced fat for recipes or snacks.

  • Replace whole milk with one percent.

  • Drink a diet soda instead of a calorie filled regular soda.

  • Use cooking spray instead of butter

  • Replace one slice of thick white bread with thin sliced whole wheat bread.

  • Eat tuna in water instead of oil.

  • Eat sorbet or frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream.

  • Eat baked chips in place of the oil drenched kind.

  • Eat only half of your meal at a restaurant. Save the rest for the next day.

  • Get sauce on the side at restaurants.

By using all of these suggestions, you can easily cut at least 100 calories per day out of your daily calorie intake. This will enable you to lose a pound of fat in about three weeks. One pound of fat equals 2000 calories. Over a period of one year, just using these suggestions, you may lose 50 pounds or more. This along with some light exercise will change your shape with a minimal amount of effort. By making small changes it will also enable you to stick with this diet plan. Good health is a learned behaviour. Stay healthy and eat well.


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