How to date as a Christian Part III

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Assuming that you have already read Parts 1 & 2, you understand the foundations of Christian Dating which is:

1. You know who you are in Christ Jesus.

2. You have already been in relationship with the person in Christian Friendship.

3. You are sure that God has ordained this person to be your future spouse.

4. You and the person that you are dating are committed to Christian living as you date. So the next Part of this segment is to focus on issues that should be discussed during your dating season to include: Career choices, Ministry, Finances, Children, Residence location, Engagement, Pre-marital Counseling, and Marriage.

Step 1:  I want to encourage you to talk with the person that you are dating about career choices. What are their career goals? You want to talk about his because their goals could conflict with your goals and both of you must be willing to make compromises if necessary.

Step 2 Ministry: How important is ministry in your relationship? Both must consider how ministry will play a role in your relationship. Ministry is doing God’s work. The work of the Lord can be demanding. Can your relationship stand the test of working in ministry? If you cannot do what God has called you to do, there may be a conflict if the other person refuses to support God’s vision for your life.

Step 3 Finances: How is the money? If the person that you are dating is not frugal or wise with his or her money, how do you expect them to operate in a marriage? Finance is one of the leading causes of divorce today. If both of you are broke, then you need to repair your financial situation and put marriage off for a while until the financial forecast is better.

Step 4  Children: When you are married, will you have children? Remember! Dating from a Christian perspective is not mapped after the world standards. Dating in the secular world is like test driving a car until you find the one that fits. Well, dating is more serious. Once you reach the level of dating, the subject of marriage has already been discussed. If the person that you are dating is not crazy about children and you are???? Stop!! You may be both Christians, but you are unequally yoked! Think about it! Talk about it!

Step 5  Residence location: Where will you live if you get married? Of course you are not living together now. That would not be the will of God for you. Dating is not a dress rehearsal for marriage in terms of trying to test drive the benefits of marriage. Think about where God would desire for you to live.

Step 6  Engagement: Talk about when you will take your dating to the next level, Engagement. Again, this is a statement of a closer commitment to marriage. A time period to prepare for marriage and iron out the issues. When, where, how much to spend, who to invite, etc.. Oh this part is so exciting, but make sure that you hear God on every level of planning.

Step 7  Pre-marital counseling: Once you have announced the engagement or even before getting engaged, pre-marital counseling is a must. Allow your pastor or persons that they have assigned to you to impart into your lives and show you scripturally what a Christian marriage is and the expectations of both husband and wife. Then comes the big day!!! The Marriage Ceremony.

Step 8 I hope that you have benefited from the series of articles on Christian dating. The concept may be received with difficulty, but if you go through each of the steps provided within all three articles and hear the voice of God clearly, you will find the person that God has for you to be your spouse because you took Christian dating seriously.


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