Shouldn’t we take care of our families?

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What kind of message is our first mullato president elect trying to send out? It’s ok to ignore, not care, or whatever our family? Barack Obama visited his half brother in 2006 and went on his way.  Therefore in my mind it shows that he acknowledged that his half brother is living in a shack in Kenya.  Now we are talking about a husband and wife who are both lawyers.  They have descent money hence he ran for President.  And his half brother is STILL living in a shack?! Why?

America, what are we thinking?! Why are we allowing the President elect, neglect his own brother? How could we elect such a monster?! Yes I think he’s a monster! I think he’s a greedy man who only cares for himself.  Did you really believe that this man was going to care about America? He cant care for his family, why would he care for us? He could have done so much for his brother.  Throw him 100.00 a month and his brother would live life like a millionaire.

Ok, his brother hasnt asked for money.  Why must he ask for his brother to give him money? Why shoudn’t this man automatically take care of him?  If that was my brother he’d be well taken care of.  Even if I wasn’t a lawyer, or the next President.  I don’t care what the brother’s history is.

I think he’s a monster for allowing his brother to continue life in a shack living off $1.00 a month.  If we had known this before the election, would it have changed your vote? It would have changed mine!

The man who used calling himself a “black” man to get a higher status in my opinion. He’s not a black man! He’s mullato.  He’s a halfie.  He should be proud of being mixed and not claim something he’s not and step up to the plate and make his brother’s life a little better. How dare he?!


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