How to date as a Christian Part II

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Now that you understand from a Christian perspective that dating is a serious step for persons 18 years and older, it is important to express what the components of a dating relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif should include since the person that you are dating is most likely someone you would be willing to be engaged to and marry when God directs.

Step1 Who are you dating? Is this person also walking with Christ? It is important that you are in relationship on this level with someone that shares your beliefs in Christ. Remember, the Bible says how can two walk together expect they are in agreement. This means that the person that you are dating must be in agreement with the principles of Christianity. If they are not, you are possibly looking for a very rocky relationship and marriage. The person that you date should be active in church and seeking to improve in his or her relationship with Christ. This is important! If they are truly loving Christ, then they will also extend that same love to you. If they are saved, then you will not have someone trying to persuade you to go against your religious beliefs and morals. That is why friendship should be developed before dating someone.

Step 2 How’s the communication? Are you and the person that you are dating communicating? If you have communication issues now, what do you think will happen once you say I do? Communication is one of the most important components of any relationship. The lack of communication will lead to confusion and hardship.

Step 3 Are you willing to marry this person? Why date someone in a committed relationship that God has not ordained for you to marry? If you are not willing to marry the person and the person is not the one that God has ordained for you to even consider for marriage? You may want to keep that person in the friendship column only. Dating is another level! There is more to consider! I will have that available in part 3.


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