How to date as a Christian Part I

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Step 1: Who are you? You should never begin dating someone if you do not fully understand who you are. Most people look for certain characteristics in others to make them complete. I want to encourage you to find out who you are in the context of your relationshipmag-glass_10x10.gif with Jesus Christ. Are you in right relationship with Him. That means that you really understand what it means to love Christ with all of your heart, mind, and soul. If you have reached a place where you can honestly say, I am submitted totally to Christ then you are in a good position. The more you know Christ, the more you learn who you are in Him. He is your everything, your protection, your provider, your comforter, your love, your peace, your everything. Know who you are first!!!

Step 2  Once you have a handle on who you are in Christ. You will find that in your relations with others, no one is a substitute for your love for Christ. Everybody becomes secondary even yourself. With that in mind, it is important that Christians first learn how to relate with people in general. This relationship with our fellow man requires that we love everyone with the love of Christ. It means we do good to those that we have the power to do good to. It means we have compassion for those that are less fortunate and we express our concern by giving of ourselves and our treasury. All of this encompasses relationship with ones fellow brother or sister. Will you do it right all of the time? No! You continue to perfect relationships with others.

Step 3  Now that you understand relationships with others in general. You will be able to now grasp the true meaning of building friendships. Friendship is one of the greatest relationships on earth. The Bible says that a friend loves at all times. Wow! A friend that loves you even when you are off, messed up, wrong, right, confused, on task, etc.. Now that is a good friend. Notice all of these relationships have nothing to do with the appearances of people but rather about the power of relationship within Christian love.

Step 4  Now, I am about to throw a big power curve to you now. Dating within the perspective of a Christian is not a trying out session. In other words, it is not a relationship entered to see if someone is compatible. Rather building friendships determine if someone is compatible. Dating is a precursor to marriage. Dating is a preview of the person that you believe God has placed in your life to reveal his or her commitment to relationship with you and with God. For Christians: Dating does not include any form or fashion of sexual relations, it is not a practice session for marriage whereby people move in together. Dating is a test of commitment for both man and woman to determine how strong their relationship is with each other and with God. I’ll stop there. But there is more in Part 2.


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