How to be the perfect Mentor

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Being a mentor is a wonderful act of service. For many young people, if it was not for the fact that they had a good mentor, many of them would be dead, in prison, or living on the streets. Please do not underestimate the power of mentorship.

Know your Mentee: One of the first steps to mentor someone is to actually learn about the person. It is important that you deliberately learn how your mentee thinks. It will be difficult to really make a powerful impact if you do not study your mentee’s behavior. The only way to learn a person is to spend quality time with the person. You cannot mentor effectively without spending some quality time with your mentee.

Develop Vision: Once you learn who your mentee is, it is important that you spend some time thinking about the vision for impacting this persons life. Mentoring should not happen on a whim. It should be deliberate and effective. What is it that you need to teach your mentee over a specific period of time? You must develop a vision and implement that vision. Be sure to revise the vision as needed. 

Grow slowly into transparency: The more you learn your mentee and the more your mentee learns about you. It will be necessary that you the mentor open the door of transparency with your mentee. Be careful! Use wisdom. Only share that which is appropriate for the benefit of your mentee. Transparency leads to more open trust.

Provide Feedback: As you spend time with your mentee. It is important that you communicate with your mentee where he or she stands with the vision that the both of you have developed. Feedback says to the mentee that you are serious about their growth and development.


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