How to be the perfect Father

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To all the fathers, this really is the way to become a perfect father. You want to ensure that your seed understands the legacy that you are leaving them past your lifetime. If you deposit these principles, you would have imparted all the important things that your children need to be productive men and women in society.

Discipline: A great father always sets the standards for appropriate behavior. It is not enough to just tell your children what is right and wrong, they need to see the same principles modeled in their interactions with you. Discipline then requires you to be self-discipline so that you can teach your children good standards to live by. One of the greatest teaching tools that a father has at his disposal is his example. Be careful with what you teach your children through your actions. You must remain disciplined.

Share love: Most dads believe that there mere providing home, food, clothes, and shelter shows their children that they love them. This is certainly something that a father that loves his child should do. I would like you to take a step further. Tell your children how much you love them. This will help them connect action with words. This is especially true for girls. They need to hear from you dad how much you love them. If they hear from you first, then it will not matter what the boys say to your daughter. She will already have the love of her father in heart and will only entertain those young men that love and respect her as her father does. Young men need to hear, I love you son! Dad let your son know that it is ok. Yes, you want to teach him to be strong, but also teach him to open to love from you so that he can share that love with others.

Spend quality time: Time is very precious and we should spend most of it with the ones that we love. Your time with your children will be the most memorable for them and for you. Listen! The lack of time with you will also be memorable. Make sure you spend quality time with your children every day.


Plan for their future: Ensure that you spend some time planning for your children’s future. A great father leaves a legacy and an inheritance. In addition, a great father seeks to guide his children in the steps that they need to take in order to have a successful future.


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