Avoid and Treat Ingrown Hairs

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There are a few things we can do at home to treat ourselves using a little patience, knowledge and over the counter medication. Read on for more.

If you are a woman, shave in the direction of hair growth.

If you are a man, shave down on the face and up on the neck until you have trained your hair to grow in the right direction. It will not be the best shave at first, but once you have changed the direction of hair growth your shave will get closer.

Make sure you wash the area that is to be shaved thoroughly for at least a couple of minutes to soften hair. Then apply a gel or shaving cream.

Use a single blade razor. With double edged razors the sharp hair from the first cut wraps around the blade and turns back into the skin. Single blade shaves will not be as close, but they will save you from ingrown hairs.

Put a moist towel on the face for a few minutes after a shave. It helps soften a mans beard so tough hairs cannot penetrate skin.

Follow the shave with a moisturizer to soften hair further.

If you have an ingrown hair and cannot see it, put a hot compress on the area. Do not open it up. Allow it to rise to the surface to ensure it is a hair.

Once it has come to the surface use tweezers or a needle to remove it. Make sure your removal tools are sterilized.

Use either hydrogen peroxide or antiseptic to cleanse. Allow whatever infection has accumulated to drain.

Cover with an antibiotic and a bandage large enough to cover the area. Change the bandage every few hours till infection has completely drained.

Keep covered if possible until healed. If not possible to keep covered, keep an antibiotic on the infected area.

If all else fails for men, grow a goatee or beard.


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