If he is Unfaithful….Part Seven

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The only person’s behaviour you can control, is your own.
Hence if he has decided to conduct an affair, there is
nothing you can do about it.

Oh, you can question and run behind him and make a scene.
You can have a five act drama and end it in divorce.

But you can not control his behaviour.

Unfaithfulness is never an accident. One must not just
have opportunity and possibilities but the inclination.

Too many women behave as if their husband is a
six year old, enticed by an evil witch.
He isn’t.
He knew precisely what he was doing when he was doing it.

You have to live with you, not with him.
For the rest of your life you will have to
live with how you behaved when…
so plan from now, what you want to remember.

Too many women humiliate themselves fighting over a man.
One of the things you have to get clear, is that just as you
wouldn’t stand in front of a bull racing towards a cow, you
don’t ever try to stop him from going to his whore.

He will beat you, he will smash the door, he will do anything
to get to his whore. This is the danger of adultery.

Often physical abuse begins with his affair.

Hence, do not try to stop him from going out. Ignore it.
You know he’s going to see his gal, you don’t need details.

When you ask a question, i.e. ‘what’s wrong?’ when he comes
home from work in a bad mood and he lashes out; understand,
he is looking for an excuse to say;

You forced me from the house.
You forced me to find Slutina.

Do not let him put the blame on you and assuage his guilt.

Any inappropriate response to a question, an action, anything
that is far more violent than necessary, is the manifestation
of his guilt; the proof of his adultery.

Realise he is at the point where he knows he is doing the
wrong thing, and needs to get a proper ‘excuse’.

Do not give him one.


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