How To Use Healing Crystals

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It has been proven the crystals vibrate, giving off energy.  It has also been proven that they give off stronger vibrations and higher energy levels when being held and handled.  While some may not believe this, it has been verified through the use of modern electronic testing equipment.

Because crystals are so vibrant, they also will carry the energy of everyone who have touched them.  For this reason it is very important to care for them in a way that will keep them pure.  It is equally important to cleanse, activate and recharge your crystals as soon as they come into your possession.

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Cleansing Your Crystals

As I pointed out, crystals have the ability to absorb energy from the people who handle them and even from their surroundings.  For that reason it is always a good idea to cleanse them before you activate them.  By cleansing them first, you can be assured that the crystal you activate is pure and is emitting pure vibrations.

Cleansing them is very simple to do.  For crystal clusters that are on a curve of a geode and in the case of water soluble crystals, you can cleanse them by placing them in salt of brown rice overnight.  You can also purify crystals by passing them through the light of a candle.  The most effective method of cleansing is to leave them in sunlight or moonlight for several hours. Be very careful when placing crystals in sunlight.  Doing so too often and for too long will actually drain them of their color.


Activating Your Crystals

Crystals work best if you activate them or program them for a specific purpose that you intend for them to serve.  To activate a crystal, hold it in your hands and visualize light coming from it.  You can also hold it up to the light if you like.

While holding the crystal, think about the benefits that type of crystal is good for and meditate on how you would like the crystal to help you.  Think about specifics.  The more specific you are, the more effective it will be.  Make sure you have the right type of crystal for your expectations.  This is because each type of crystal gives of it’s unique frequency.  Verbalize your intention for the crystal.  By speaking the intention, it solidifies it in your mind.


Maintaining Your Crystals

Although crystals are stones, they are actually very delicate due to their unique and even lacy structure.  Because of this you should always handle and store them with care.  Keep colored crystals out of the sunlight except when you are cleansing them.  Keep all colored types of crystals in sunlight for extended periods of time because sunlight will wash out their color making them less identifiable and in some cases, less effective.

When not in use, keep your crystals where they will not scratch one another.  This is especially important since some crystals are even water soluble.  Some crystals are tumbled to give them a smooth rounded appearance.  These types of stones are much harder to scratch and are much more durable than the delicate lacy clusters.

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