Hope For Hopeless

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When I was eight my dad divorced my mom he was afraid that she would hurt me or herself I did not realize that she was sick my dad divorced her because he could not help her For many years I thought that my mom being depressed was my fault or my dad’s fault We found out that she had bipolar disorder bipolar causes your behavior to be abnormal or Out of control. One second your much to happy the next you are severely depressed. Bipolar runs in my family and I wondering if one of my kids will be bipolar.

The most dangerous part Of Bipolar disorder is the low that follows the high. My step brother is also bipolar so I have seen the Reality of this disease. One night about ten years ago my brother was in a accident and had a minor Collision with someone he had insurance but because of his bipolar disorder he freaked when he saw The police cars and fled the scene he had insurance he was not drinking it would have been nothing But because of his disease he made a bad decision so instead of nothing he got a felony.

If you are bipolar or notice you have erratic behavior and don’t know the reason why get help. It will only get worse if you don’t get help. If you need someone to talk too I understand let me Listen or get someone to listen. Yes some go through period of minor depression but you should be Able to pull yourself out of it.


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