Making a difference in a Child’s life

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Are you thinking about making a difference in a child’s life?

There are many ways to go about and do this.

You could donate money to feed a child

or you could adopt and give them a home.

But the most simple one is being a mentor to a child who needs it.

What kind of mentor? Any kind you could put a ad in the paper offering help to children

You could become a Sunday school teacher.

A year ago I joined a site called

What is icould be and how can I join?

Basically I could be is a place where I might be a student or a mentor.

If you want to be come a mentor go to the website then click on get involved.

You will be asked to fill out papers and then you will be asked to submit just three dollars so they can do a background check on you. Then once you get accepted you will get assigned a teen who is probably in eleventh grade they will have assignments from the Icouldbe website and all you have to do Is give them suggestions and help guide them the right way. These students are not learning any thing hard there just learning how to write a professional email and they are planing for college and they need your help. So please consider joining and you could make a difference in a child’s life.

If your a student maybe you would want your school to get involved all you need to do is go to that site and check it out.


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