Two Love Poems

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(Where there is no love, there is no life. In these two poem I have tried to explore into the concepts of love…)

Over there
Always as ever
Light huddled into the eyes
Darkness unto mystic exile
Perforcing shadows
To shed blood and tears
In chiaroscuro of love
And romance
Of hate

Ethereal pleasure
Belated in metaphysical beauty
Unknown of envisioning disguises
In ancient raiment of ruins and burns
Of wisdom scattering
In xylophonic rhymes
Prolapsing dearly in reasons
Of pitch and perfection
Uniquely poised for diversion
In interlude sonata

Of basic desire
Exiled in ancien regime
Immaculately conceived
In the seventh season of heaven
By gut love
At first sight of the midnight sun
Humbled and benigned always as ever
At the conjugal shadows
Of lenthening love
In exile
Getting together only in afterplay
Of cathartic intermission
He and she
Body and soul together
Never dropping dead for ever
Always as ever.

Love me
And let me love you
As long as you are awake
As long as my heart aches for you
I will love you days and nights
Days and nights are for ever
For ever my heart cries for you.

Hysterical is my love
Hysterical is my longing for you
The more I long for you
The more the flame burns and blushes
The more you bloom in my desire
The more my love cries for you
The length of my love is longer than your shadows
The depth of my love overshadows your whole sky
Never swaying in fluttering whims
Never leaving me alone in lapses of moments
You are my only love
You are my only refuge
To say love to you.

Love me in whispers
Love me in long soliloquy
But love me alone
And love me all aloud
And love me in haste.


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