Things I have learned

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Some things that I have learned over the course of my life. (Note this is just kind of a funny thing I wrote I really have learned this.)

  • Santa is not real
  • My bottles didn’t make it to the North Pole
  • The Easter Bunny hides eggs filled with candy but real eggs don’t have candy in it
  • It takes more than three days to have a kid
  • Trying to make money by writing things like this doesn’t work well
  • Its peanut butter and jelly not jelly and peanut butter
  • There is a myspace for almost every food
  • No matter what you will get hurt some time in life
  • Eating fruit and stumbling is fun to do
  • Buttons are addicting
  • People who don’t have computers are considered “odd”
  • If you find a website you really like chances are 3 months from now its going to have new stuff on it and you will then be confused and no longer like that site
  • If you don’t favorite things right now chances are your not going to find it again
  • Cell phones may have 5 hours of talk time but only 2 hrs of text time
  • You can leave a comment
  • Or a review
  • You can be a hero
  • You can go outside and run in circles
  • You can laugh at this thing for no reason at all
  • A mouse is a mouse that can be a pain when not plugged into a computer. .
  • This is all the things I have learned I think
  • Now what do I do
  • I think Bukisa is a cool site
  • and I also really like the color pink

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