Drinking The Right Milk

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In the old Day’s people that drank milk would be less likely to get colds or flu and would be able to taste the great taste of milk. It was non -pasteurized. And had a much better flavor.

When you used to get milk it had a froth on the top almost like a yogurt type of topping. That was what I call good bacteria.That would help keep your immune system in tip top condition. It would fight off bad bacteria.

The reason is that non-pasteurized milk isn’t hazardous at all, it just makes it tougher to regulate and of course make money from it. Quick question for you! If raw milk was and is so bad for us how did we live before pasteurization. Just like most of the foods that are out there now you have to educate yourself on whats really good for you and whats not.Like meat and chicken.

Always try to eat organic or Kosher, no it’s not just blessed by a Rabbi. The real reason is that the cows eat real food like real grass and can walk around and not be in one place all day. Same with chickens they eat real food like corn,they are not force fed and they get to walk around also, Added bonus NO STEROIDS!! Please try to stay away from pigs they feed them animal parts and they eat there own feces, DISGUSTING, ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE AND LIFE TO YOU YEARS!!!


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