Brown Sugar Facial Scrub

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You will need to be able to stand by a sink, preferably one with a sprayer attachment, or one with a faucet you can get your head under, or in the shower or tub. Have the following items within reach:

Teaspoon,  dish of finely ground brown sugar (Use the spoon to crush or stir out any large lumps), clean towel, Vitamin E or other moisturizing lotion, dish for warming the lotion, a good moisturizing lotion: body lotion, face cream, etc., ESPECIALLY one high in Vitamin E. Vitamin E lotion.

If ithe lotion is in a tube, loosen the cap and gently squeeze out any excess air before replacing the cap. If in a bottle or jar, loosen the cap slightly, placing the jar in a shallow dish of very warm water, or in a slightly larger container for a minute or so. Dab a generous amount only on the fingertips, rub them together and, using only your fingertips, rub into face, neck and anywhere else you want it using a small, circular motions. Don’t slop it on, but don’t be skimpy, either. When you finish, you should be able to see the lotion on your skin.

Pour one teaspoon of finely ground brown sugar into one cupped hand. Using only what drips from the fingers of the other hand, add just enough ALMOST HOT water to dissolve the sugar slightly.

Dip your fingers into the brown sugar mixture and rub it lightly but firmly over the moisturizer on your skin, getting into all the creases around the forehead, nose, eyes, laugh lines and on the neck. If the mixture starts to dry, run a little more water on your fingertips, or add more lotion. Once you have enough of the mixture on your skin, rub your hands together to apply the rest of the mixture to your skin. Rub well in small circles for about 2 minutes.

DO NOT rub hard! Only use a slightly firm pressure.

Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Your face will feel so good!


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