Dos and Dont’s of Your First Kiss

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  1. Pick a romantic spot. This is important as no girl wants to kiss in a  dirty skate park. Try a nearby field or a nature park.
  2. Let it linger. If you pull away quickly it gives the girl the wrong impression and possibly makes them unwilling to do it again.
  3. Tell her the kiss was nice and show you enjoyed it.
  4. Stroke her LIGHTLY along her spine and neck. Those places are the most  sensitive on a girl and will make the kiss much more enjoyable for her.
  5. Tell her meaningfully that you love her both before and after the kiss has taken place.
  6. Remember it. To most couples the first kiss is just as romantic as a wedding day so remember it well.


  1. Do not compare it to a previous kiss from an ex-girlfriend or anyone else  you have kissed. Every girl is unique and should be treated as such and if you compare their kiss to another it takes away the meaning of a first kiss.
  2. Do not make sexual gestures during your first kiss. Even though your hormones may be raging the girl you are kissing doesn’t want her arse felt as you kiss.
  3. Do not try and enter your tongue into her mouth. Lots of girls feel this forces them to return the favour and some girls don’t like it. Just make your first kiss a lingering light kiss on the lips. Leave the rest for later.
  4. Do not start talking straight away after the kiss has ended. Both you and your girl should sit in a few moments of silence savouring the kiss. It is a special moment after all.
  5. Do not disrespect your girlfriend by going to your mates and bragging about how far you got with her or what the kiss was like. If she finds out it could seriously affect her.
  6. Do not go into a kiss unprepared. A girl wants to kiss a fresh smelling guy rather than an unpleasant smelling one. This means don’t eat onion or pickles or any other overwhelming aroma foods.



  1. Lean into the kiss and kiss back. Kissing isn’t just a one-sided act and it takes two to kiss so take part in the kiss.
  2. Hold him. Whether or not he shows it he will be happy at being held.
  3. Stay quiet after the kiss has finished letting the true magic of a first kiss sink into your heart.
  4. Let your guy know you enjoyed the kiss with a simple sigh or a quiet wow. This will make him happy as it will show that he kissed you in the correct way.
  5. Tell him before and after that you love him. This shows that the kiss truly means something to you and will reassure him you aren’t just after money or any other material object.
  6. Remember your first kiss as unlike any other kiss it is the first and therefore is a special moment for you and your guy.


  1. Do not pressure him into the kiss if he isn’t ready. Everyone is ready for their first kiss at different times and if you force him into it he may not enjoy it as much as he should.
  2. Do not make your guy do all the kissing. If he leans in to kiss you (and you are ready) lean in to him and kiss back.
  3. Do not end the kiss suddenly. If you dislike it then lift up one finger and slowly pull away and explain your reasoning to your guy. He will understand and will try and help you.
  4. Do not tease him about his kissing ability no matter how horrendous you feel he kisses. If you do then it will crush his confidence.
  5. Do not giggle and joke about it with your friends. If your guy finds out he may react to it badly. A first kiss is a personal romantic moment in any relationship.
  6. Do not kiss your guy after eating any smelly food. This will make the kiss unpleasant for him and will make it likely he won’t kiss you again for a while.

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