Beauty Tips No. 1

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All of us want to stay young and healthy. When we get older, we try to find ways on how to maintain that youthful glow in our faces. How we wished we were younger again. However, we can’t avoid the fact that as we grow older, certain changes can be noticed in our face and body.

A dazzling, wrinkle-and-blemish free skin can be yours at any age. If you take proper good care of your skin, blemishes can fade, your wrinkles will diminish, your muscles will be toned, and your skin will glow all over. However, it is best to attain this using natural ingredients and without cosmetics. All the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen like yoghurt, lemon, papaya, cucumber, etc.

Natural ingredients are better than commercial cosmetics. In natural ingredients, you know what you are getting. There are no preservatives unlike in commercial cosmetics. Even the best natural cosmetics contain preservatives and lose vitality in time. Natural ingredients like a mix of yoghurt and lemon clarifies and smoothens your skin. Lemon is good for lightening effect. Papaya fresh from the market will “clarify” your skin.

Good skin care is simple. It is proven that natural skin ingredients give beautiful skin, milk is a good skin moisturizer, ask Cleopatra and the ladies of the French court. To have a healthy glowing skin is simple, you just have to cleanse it, tone it and moisturize it.

Fruits become succulently delicious because of their juices. Likewise, without juice, the skin will look older. For a succulent, seductive skin, water is your most important asset. A succulent and seductive skin holds fourteen pints of water. So, better start drinking a lot everyday.

Water and the juices of our body are primarily held just beneath your skin’s outer layer, which is within the underlying dermis and the interstitial network of cells where it forms a semi-fluid gel with mucopolysaccharides (sugar compound that cosmetic companies frequently advertise). Combined with healthy collagen, it is this “juice” that gives our skin a youthful glow and look healthy on the outside. As your body’s balance functions properly, the moisture in your skin’s deeper layers will ensure plump delectable skin.

It is important to drink six-eight glasses of mineral, spring or distilled water daily. However, be sure that it has low or no salt content at all. With sufficient water, your skin will not only be well hydrated, but pore clogging toxins and excess fluids will be washed from your body.


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