Review on Call of duty World at war on WII

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Call of duty 5 world at war

If you are looking for a game that allows you to rank up and use the old weapons in the WW 2 ages, then this game is for you. The Wii brings the online game to a all new level with the rank system. The online play is fast and addicting for the Wii. The Wii controls bring a all new way to a first person shooter for call of duty. The graphics are good, but not compared to the other systems that the game came out on. They did a good job though with the online play, which you can get to level 65 and go on prestige. All the guns have unlock able content that allows you to unlock new attachment for you guns. When you go up levels you unlock new game play rooms that allow you to go to more challenging players online you can go too. Also when you go up levels you get new things you can put on yourself like for an example deep impact or steady aim. These help you pick the customized ways you want to play them game.

Now if you play the single mission you will have fun with the levels and game play. The Co op play was disappointing though, being that you are split screen you are just a cross hair. The co op play was too much like a arcade to me and aggregating when you’re sniping someone and the first player moves. The overall review I give the game a 4/5 because of the online game play and I don’t think it’s a good 2 player game.


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