Kid Manners: How to write a Thank You note

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How to Write a Thank You Note

1. Greet the Giver:

Dear Aunt Tillie,

2. Say Thank You right away:

Thank you so much for the slippers.  Just keep it simple!

Also—and this is important: never directly mention money or the amount. ‘Thank you for the twenty dollars’ could instead be ‘Thank you for your generosity.’

3. Talk about how you will use the gift:

It gets very chilly here in the winter, so they will get a lot of use when winter comes.

Say something nice about the gift and how you will use it.

But don’t lie, even if you hate the slippers. How to say thanks? Find the one thing about them that’s nice and discuss it—but don’t get carried away. ‘They are such a lovely shade of blue’ works quite well.

If the gift was cash, mention how you will use the money, but do not itemize your planned purchases line by line, instead simply say: ‘It will be a great help when I buy the big airplane model I saw last week.

4. Mention the Past and the Future:

It was nice to see you at our Christmas party, and I hope you are coming to the family reunion in June!

5. Ending:

Thanks again for your gift.  It’s perfectly fine to say thanks one more time. So say it.

6. Regards

Love, Samantha

Simply wrap it up. Use whatever works for you: Love, Yours Truly, With Love. Then sign your name and you’re done.

P.S. What’s Not There:

PS means “Post Script”  (it is Latin for After Writing).  Remember, this is still a simple Thank You note, you do not include news about your life. This isn’t the time to brag about your good grades, your girlfriend, or number games won. The thank-you is only about thanking somebody for their kindness.


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