Lord of the rings Conquest Review

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Lord of the rings Conquest

As you know the story of the lord of the rings inspires many people out there that enjoy playing the lord of the rings series of games. This game is an addition to the story on each battle field that you encounter in the movie. The games graphics are outstanding being on the x box 360. The game lets you be on the evil side and the good side to give you both sides of the battle. The game is perfect game for you if you enjoy waging wars against huge massive armies in large battlefields. The game allows you to be up to four different characters, such as warrior, mage, scout and the archer. This will allow you to choose the way you like to take your enemy on. The game has a very good multiplayer that you can compete against other players over x box live co-op or versus up to 16 players online. As you are playing this lord of the rings you will be most happy with the both the graphics and the game play. The game also includes many weapons to choose from and many different wide groups of massive enemies.  Choosing this game will have you playing the game for many hours having your eyes glued to the TV watching the great graphics it brings to the x box 360. The lord of the rings is a great movie, which brings some of the most exiting games out on consoles today.


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