Review on Halo wars

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Halo wars

The halo wars is a bit different add on to the halo series that brings you to a new story line of the halo series. The game play is perfect as you control massive armies to take out the enemy. The game is a strategy based game, which brings the game to a new level controlling many different players.  The halo series amazed everyone every time a new one came out and when this one did the game is as expected a very good game. The game allows you to be either side being the covenant or the UNSC. Halo wars brought the series to a new level being a strategy game, which allows you to be the story from a far view. The game has many different units you can control and many buildings you can use to make your massive army. The game brings out the different new hero’s that you get to control in a great story from a new halo story.  Playing the game you will get to pick the different sides and each side has different units that do different things like any other strategy game. The halo wars allows you to have many units that you can control during the game, which includes the warthogs, scorpion tank, banshees and more. The graphics of the game is outstanding with the x box 360. Once you pick this game up you will enjoy the game soon as you start installing it on your computer


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