ShellShock 2 playstation 3 review

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If you like a violent shooter then you should look into getting the most extreme shooter out there, which is shellshock 2. The game is a good survival game that sets you back to Vietnam War. The Vietnam war was very horrifying, which brings this game to having some horrifying action through the game. There are many stages that have you sitting back in your seat scared. The game is a very good shooter with good graphics that leads you in good mood of the game. There are many World War 2 games that are out there today, but nothing can compare to this one on the playstation 3. This game is for people that like the suspense of being shocked constantly and be the game. The controls on this game are like any other shooter out there. The first shellshock was good and so is this one for the playstation 3.

The story of the game is good and will pull you in and give you plenty of game pay that allows you to enjoy your first person shooter. The game will be out in a few months, but the game will be well worth waiting for. The first shellshock on playstation 2 was a great game. The game will give you many hours of gameplay and make you horrified of the war in Vietnam war. The game will be coming out on the playstation 3 and will give you the most best graphics in a war game yet.


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