Three Ways to Stay in Shape During the Winter”

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Trust me, we are all guilty of buying into the theory of how summertime equals fitness, and come winter time, we are seriously out of shape. Well why even have that mindset? Although summer allows for more outside play and exercise, the colder seasons bring in opportunities that are endless. Don’t have a membership at a gym? Need some motivation? Wondering how in the world can you put down the holiday sweets and a burn that cheesecake you just ate? Don’t worry, help is here 🙂


Ugh…such a pain I know, but running is one of the healthiest form of exercise. It works more than just your heart, but involves using your leg muscles and challenges your endurance.

  • Start out slow- Especially for those who don’t run that often. Start off with a quarter of a mile, or if that’s too much, an eigth of a mile. Build upon that each week while setting goals for yourself. MOTIVATION IS KEY! Who wants to be outside running in the cold? NO ONE does, unless you really enjoy running that is, but in order to keep going, stay motivated. Bring a friend along with you. Your goals can help you stay motivated as well.
  • Stretch- This is a must! The cold weather has the ability to create muscles that are short and tight which make it painful not only while you’re running, but when you’re finished. Stretching important areas such as your hamstrings and calves will make it much easier during your winter runs 🙂

Eating Healthy

  • Sugars & Sweets- Oh my goodness, with the Holiday Season present, it is very easy to over induldge in pies, ice cream, cakes and cookies. Monitor your helpings. If you’re looking forward to the sweets on Christmas day then hold of on the temptations until then. The biggest problem that we have is eating one or more servings of multiple dessert choices. Either choose one, or eat small portions (the size of your fist) of each dessert of your liking.
  • Fast Food- Snow covered streets and the horendous, cold wind don’t make grocerry shopping a walk in the park. It’s even more convenient in the winter time than summer to visit fast food restauarnts instead of enjoying a home cooked meal. Since most children are on break during the winter season, buying t.v. dinners and Mcdonalds for lunch is becoming a habit. Take the time to buy everything you need in advance. Although many fruits are out of season, frozen vegetables and a variety of fresh fruits are available. Maybe substitute tea instead of coffee or hot chocolate (yum 🙂 Put forth the effort because it will be worth it in the long run. You can even get a head start on your New Years Resolution “diet.”


  • Many people don’t realize through all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season the importance of taking a breather and relaxing. Adults are not alone, for children even as young as 3 become restless around the holiday season. Enjoy a board game or two in front of the fire place with your family. Go ice skating with a loved one. The plunging economy and personal stress in your life can wait a couple hours. Life shouldn’t stop just because everything around you seems to be going haywire. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the wintery weather, even if it is 10 degrees below.

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