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If you are looking to upgrade your Computer Memory then there are a number of important things that you need to take into consideration. DDR computer memory chips have many different aspects to them. Some of the important aspects are the electronic interface capabilities, storage space, transfer rate, clock speed and frequency, band width, operating voltage, latency and off chip divers. All these aspects are interrelated and their importance and value varies according to the different makes.

The choice of DDR Memory you go for will depend upon the nature of the operating system as well as your personal preference. Generally speaking you will be able to find DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 in the market. The different makes and models come for different prices. In order to secure the best buy that meets your requirements you need to have some technical knowledge regarding memory upgrading and a solid understanding.

Buying memory online

You will be able to find a wide variety of DDR chips on the internet. Buying through the internet has its own advantages as it gives you the chance to explore the different models and manufacturers and compare their prices without having to leave the comfort of your home. You can see check to see which chip is compatible with your system through the services offered by the online stores. In the end you can have your product delivered straight to your home with a guarantee that allows you to return the product if you are dissatisfied with it.

Some of the varieties that you will be able to get online are as follows:

DDR Desktop and laptop Memory

The double-data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory is one of the many types of memory integrated circuits that are used computers. The performance of the DDR Memory chip has been stepped up as compared to the single data rate chips. It achieves a better performance as it transfers the data on both the edges of the clock signal. This action is also referred to as double pumping. Without affecting the frequency of the front side buzz this gives you double the transfer rate.


This particular DDR Memory chip is compatible with the entire range of Pentium, Apple Powerbook and AMD Athlon laptops. This chip is easy to install and will have you using it in good speed. You can have this chip delivered to your home for $55.


This model will work to compliment all Pentium and AMD Athlon notebooks. It has a memory bank of 1 GB with a 200 pin face along with gold leads. The memory chip enters the commands on each positive CK edge. This particular model is architectured to perfection and has an auto refresh and precharge option. You can pick this one up at a special winter sale price of $55.


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