Homing In On Your Computer Memory

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In the world of computers the memory chip that is embedded in your computer system is known as RAM. This is the short form for random access memory. This is the particular place within your computer where all the information regarding the various applications and data that are in current use are stored by the operating system. This is done so that the stored data can be quickly accessed by the computer’s processor.

Reading and writing from the RAM takes place at a much greater speed as compared to other memory storage devices such as hard disks, CD-Rom and floppy disks. The data is stored in the RAM only as long as the computer is in operation. The moment you turn your computer on again the data will be loaded onto the RAM from your hard disk.

As such you can compare the functioning of the RAM with the way the short term memory works in human beings whereas the hard disk can be compared to our long term memory. Just like our short term memory functions relative to the work at hand while keeping a wide spectrum of facts in view the RAM manages the work load that is currently being handled.

Computer memory can be compared to a person’s short-term memory, and the hard disk to the long-term memory. The short-term memory focuses on work at hand, but can only keep so many facts in view at one time. Long term memory is much more abundant, and lasts much longer. On the other hand the hard disk retains the long term data. The better and faster these two work the better your computer will be able to operate.

The different kinds of Memory Upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade the your computer memory , then you need to be aware of the different kinds of chipsets that are available in the market. Over the years the technology has advanced and users now have a wide range of options in front of them. You can choose the one that works best with your computer system and one that fits within your budget. 

The oldest kind of RAM chipset available in the market is the SDRAM. This is the cheapest and the slowest of the varieties out there. If you are looking for something faster then the improved technology of the DDR Memory is something that will work just fine.

This is basically an enhanced version of the SDRAM. It has been built to give a much faster and more efficient performance. Although it will cost you more than the SDRAM it is quite cost efficient considering the service that it has to offer.

You should however check to see the compatibility of whichever memory chipset you go for with your computer system. Online stores will offer you the opportunity to check for the chipsets that are compatible with your system and you can even have the memory RAM of your choice delivered to your home.


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