Showing your children you care

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Caring for your children at their early stages in life builds a foundation that lasts a lifetime. You gain their respect forever while giving yourself great dignity and pride in forming a life right in front of you.

Father and Child is one of the most sacred relationships there is in the world and in history. Nurturing the future of your child’s life is as important a factor as any.

Generally, being a father comes naturally but to those struggling with the notion, here are the responsibilities you need to do to be a good father.

Provide for your family. As the head of the family it is always your responsibility to provide. Anticipate expenses like child care, clothes and Milk. This could sum up to quite an amount but nonetheless these are necessities you need to spend for.

Share duties to shoulder watching over the baby responsibilities. Spending quality time like talking to your child and reading a book before going to bed is important. Once your child grows, take him/her to trips like fishing and the likes to create a bond.

Always think of the best possible scenario for you family. Decisions that needs to be made must be family based and needs to be thought out thoroughly. Think of your child’s well being at all times.

Also remember that although punishment is necessary at times, keep it in moderation. Never show your child that he/she deserves to be hurt physically ever! Physical punishment when uncontrolled could lead to dangerous mood swings when your child becomes an adult!


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